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When You Know that You're on the RIGHT ROAD

Posted by PROPHET Dereck K.Harrelson on April 28, 2014 at 12:45 PM

This month's thought of LOVE and NEWS is more in the form of ENCOURAGING those minister friends of mine.. Over the past few months I have had many friends to pray for and many of you praying for them.. Well this last week of April has been one in which your prayers have been being answered in one way or another.. Over the last few Saturday mornings I have the privilege of having(adding) another person to my list of prayer partners... Saturday just this last week started somewhat interesting as always and ended up FANTASTIC... During the time of praying with Randy and his wife we had  the extreme pleasure of being joined by another dear friend Louie.. Randy was sharing with me how GOD had been using him over the week since our time of prayer last Saturday and as he was sharing with me I was being blessed.. So I called my friend Louie to join us and my goodness how the presense of GOD manifested and how the LORD spoke through Randy and his wife especially to Louie.. And I don't mind telling you that GOD showed up in such a way that even surprised Randy, his wife and Louie.. I can say this there's ONLY been a few times that I had ever seen people experience GOD encounters and Saturday was one of those days... I tell you you know when GOD is moving when NO ONE has or gets to lay hands on anyone and the power still knocks people to the floor... Well as Randy and his wife were ministering the Spirit of the HOLY GHOST came over so strong upon Louie and as he told me he remembers getting off of the floor HOWEVER he doesn't remember how he got there.. TRANSFORMATION is starting for each of us so much that we are walking more into the Anointing that is on us... Then that night Louie and I went to a revival service that the word was on DISCERNMENT and how people responded to that word.. Then on Sunday went badck to the revival again and the message was on The Earth is the LORD's and the fullness there of... One came to CHRISAT as a first time commitment and several others answered the call for getting things right in their lives.. Now after ALL of  these GREAT things happening the devil wanted to rear up his ugly head and tried to bring confusion and strife HOWEVER it was rejected and GOD still got the GLORY for what had happened that day of Saturday... Now looking forward to giving you more testimonies from Randy, his wife and Louie as this is ONLY the beginning for us all... I said all that just to say getting back to the title of  this is that you know when you're being attacked by what the devil is trying to throw at you....So be encouraged my freinds GOD's got your back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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