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Posted by PROPHET Dereck K.Harrelson on August 1, 2015 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (58)

While in PRAYER recently there were 3 MAJOR things that were pointed out... One is that; PREPARE 4 RAIN , the REVIVAL wasn't going to be like any other REVIVAL, & that it PRAYED that ministry would be done as JESUS done ministry.. JESUS said that GREATER WORKS would we do in HIS name because HE went to the FATHER... Also it was PRAYED that we would see some EXTRAORDINARY move of the HOLY SPIRIT during these services... NOW IS THE TIME TO BELIEVE FOR GREATER THAN what we have seen in some time... PLEASE BE IN PRAYER for the churches involved...


Posted by PROPHET Dereck K.Harrelson on June 24, 2015 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Greetings folks I come to you tonight in a little different way than usual.. I had the express privilege of speaking with Minister/Pastor Danny Johnson last night.. At first he knew my voice but couldn't think of my name.. Then after I told him of how he would know me he got excited because during the time that we became great friends the LORD had an interesting ay of  drawing Danny and myself together.. For months before Danny's stroke we spent many a time together in prayer as we talked on t he phone... Danny Johnson lost a lot to his stroke HOWEVER remembering his prayer partner he never forgot about... And so I reminded him of things that he would say to me about praying with him and he remembered each and every one  of those things... THANK YOU DANNY JOHNSON for your friendship and love from JESUS CHRIST... I can't wait until we talk again and work on a scheduling event to maybe get to visit in person with each other HOPEFULLY soon... We had talked earlier about me coming to that part of Texas before his stroke; well with the stroke happening that only has changed the time in which we will be able to spend that time together.. I am simply AMAZED by how GOD allows us to be apart of someones life even in the most unexpected ways... GOD bless you all for being my friends and partners... Looking forward to speaking of GREAT EVENTS coming up through the ministry REAL SOON


Posted by PROPHET Dereck K.Harrelson on February 1, 2015 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings to all of you that have been following this ministry since we began. I want to personally THANK YOU for praying for this ministry; it is definitely through prayers and hard work that all these things are done through the power of the HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT.. I want to say that since camp meeting in E.Semmes, Alabama there has been plenty of ministry going on many levels... Been back in SALEM, OR and met new friends and as I have been meeting new friends plenty of opportunity to minister... At the sametime let me say that more opportunities are up and coming throughout this year. Let me go ahead and let the cat out of the bag so to speak; looking at ministry going across the country to some extent preaching, singing, ministering in prayer  and the Prophetic word in upcoming revivals and other church services.. Some are coming up in NORTH CAROLINA, MARYLAND, OHIO, TEXAS, and GEORGIA just to name the ones that I can right off remember... Doors are opening and this is a great time for ALL MINISTERS to be working for the LORD.. So with that in mind these next few months I will be submitting reports from  hopefully ALL or MOST of the services I will be in .. First stop BLYTHE,CA for a city-wide REVIVAL while there will be having several meetings with the Pastor's there as well as other ministry opportunities. Was speaking with a dear Pastor friend about what has been going on since we first started talking and ALL Pastor Clifford says is GOD has been moving not ONLY amongst our church but also the churches that I have been sharing with and speaking with.. GOD has been and still is UP TO SOMETHING BIG for the city of Blythe,CA and beyond.. And then from there should the LORD say will be joining a preacher/minister friend in Alabama and heading next to AUGUSTA,GA on April 15th for their Full Gospel Business Men's Meeting/Luncheon. As I mentioned as these trips are coming up each month I will definitely let you know of them. GOD bless each of you; Pastor Dereck K. Harrelson


Posted by PROPHET Dereck K.Harrelson on November 8, 2014 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I've met some wonderful people and seen some old friends this week at CAMPMEETING 2014. Tomorrow is the last day/night of the fantastic meeting. Here are some of the people that I've met and some old fiends I was so happy to see again. Bro. G.O. And Sis Wade, Bro. Bobby and Sis Dee, Bro. And Sis Kato, Bro.& Sis Wilson, Bro.& Sis Wright, Bro&Sis Gib Maynard, Bro. Dereck K. Harrelson, Bro. Glynn McCormick, Bro&Sis Troy Dixon, Bro&Sis James Morris, Sister Ann ( Mama ) Scott, Sis Marsha Colucci Mother, and there are several others that have been a blessing to us. Come on out tomorrow Morning and tomorrow night for the last services of CAMPMEETING 2014. I'll see YA there


Posted by PROPHET Dereck K.Harrelson on November 8, 2014 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings folks fans and prayer partners of this ministry.. Just wanted to take this time to post some LOVE yuns way and let yuns know about my trip to Camp meeting in E. Semmes, AL @Power of GOD Worship Center.. Well there's really not a place that I can start.. HOWEVER I can tell you all of the fun and joy of being in camp meeting with the folks.. Arrive early to the bus station in Mobile,AL and there met my friend Glynn McCormick and we went to his house to get shaved and showered and dressed for church.. Arrived about 30 minutes for the Sunday afternoon service.. But when I got there you could feel the presence of the LORD in the place..The people who came to be apart of camp meeting were ready to have "CHURCH!!!" I can sum up the rest of the week by saying that GOD showed up every service, the meals were great and my NEW FRIENDS have been greatly ministered to by the song; "THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD IS HERE!!!" Today at lunch we went to Lambert's Cafe and one lady said to me that she was mad at me because she couldn't get the song out of her head..And we sat at the table laughing with each other.. I can leave things here for now with more details to come and that is GOD is going to be opening MORE DOORS to go and minister across the country and thus you will be hearing of MORE TESTIMONIES from people as time goes by... THANK YOU Pastor Dereck


Posted by PROPHET Dereck K.Harrelson on November 7, 2014 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings folks; As we approach the next weeks to months and the close out of this year I just wanted to take this quick time to let you know of the happenings here.. Right in the middle of camp meeting in E. Semmes, AL and HAVE WE HAD A TIME in the HOLY GHOST!!!!!!!!!!! The word each day has been great and the Presense of the LORD has been in the building.. I  can't forget about the food,fellowship and meeting and making new friends that I will probably end up staying in touch with.. With all of the great things that happened there are some things that stick out that blessed me to no end.. There were several healings and a preacher friend of mine received the fullness of the Baptism of the Spirit by which he received his prayer language.. Which means we will now be busy helping to grow in his walk even further that gives you something to help me pray about.. Anyway this month is going to be aspecial feature because I will probab;ly post another testimony and more to tell after the camp meeting ends... GOD bless and look forward to the few weeks

When You Know that You're on the RIGHT ROAD

Posted by PROPHET Dereck K.Harrelson on April 28, 2014 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (0)

This month's thought of LOVE and NEWS is more in the form of ENCOURAGING those minister friends of mine.. Over the past few months I have had many friends to pray for and many of you praying for them.. Well this last week of April has been one in which your prayers have been being answered in one way or another.. Over the last few Saturday mornings I have the privilege of having(adding) another person to my list of prayer partners... Saturday just this last week started somewhat interesting as always and ended up FANTASTIC... During the time of praying with Randy and his wife we had  the extreme pleasure of being joined by another dear friend Louie.. Randy was sharing with me how GOD had been using him over the week since our time of prayer last Saturday and as he was sharing with me I was being blessed.. So I called my friend Louie to join us and my goodness how the presense of GOD manifested and how the LORD spoke through Randy and his wife especially to Louie.. And I don't mind telling you that GOD showed up in such a way that even surprised Randy, his wife and Louie.. I can say this there's ONLY been a few times that I had ever seen people experience GOD encounters and Saturday was one of those days... I tell you you know when GOD is moving when NO ONE has or gets to lay hands on anyone and the power still knocks people to the floor... Well as Randy and his wife were ministering the Spirit of the HOLY GHOST came over so strong upon Louie and as he told me he remembers getting off of the floor HOWEVER he doesn't remember how he got there.. TRANSFORMATION is starting for each of us so much that we are walking more into the Anointing that is on us... Then that night Louie and I went to a revival service that the word was on DISCERNMENT and how people responded to that word.. Then on Sunday went badck to the revival again and the message was on The Earth is the LORD's and the fullness there of... One came to CHRISAT as a first time commitment and several others answered the call for getting things right in their lives.. Now after ALL of  these GREAT things happening the devil wanted to rear up his ugly head and tried to bring confusion and strife HOWEVER it was rejected and GOD still got the GLORY for what had happened that day of Saturday... Now looking forward to giving you more testimonies from Randy, his wife and Louie as this is ONLY the beginning for us all... I said all that just to say getting back to the title of  this is that you know when you're being attacked by what the devil is trying to throw at you....So be encouraged my freinds GOD's got your back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by PROPHET Dereck K.Harrelson on April 13, 2014 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

This month is full of opportunities to move forward.. Even sometimes we as the body of believers need to step out in FAITH and trust GOD... I am looking for a man with a building to establish a new church that GOD is putting into action... Got a strong support person in my best friend here in SALEM,OR and looking forward to what or how GOD will be using this fellow once he gets to a place that walking in the SPIRIT becomes first hand for him... He is learning how to function in the things of GOD that at onetime he could.. Now are the things of GOD coming back to him and he has an understanding that he is kinda new to what is going on in the SPIRIT.. I can't and won't say enough that this place is where GOD has sent me and GREAT THINGS are coming down the line and to our way.... 

Going forth!!!!!!! or staying back????

Posted by PROPHET Dereck K.Harrelson on March 4, 2014 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The other day I was in my prayer mode and the thought came to me. When we get a word from the LORD what do we do with that word??? I tend to think that some tend to wait until all things are done to bring that word about and  then there are those that act upon that word.. Two thoughts of action that seem to be the way that many people think. So as I thought to myself during prayer time that there comes a time when we have to do our part.. Hebrews 11:1 Now FAITH is the substance of things not seen the evidence of things hoped for... Sometimes when GOD gives us a word we have to step out there and do what HE has said for us to do.. I can think of howmany times I had received the same exact word OVER and OVER again thinking LORD is there anytime that I would hear something DIFFERENT than I have already heard??? And then a prayer partner would say unto me that sometimes GOD keeps giving you the same word because either you haven't done  what HE said do or your spiritual ears needed cleaning out. And even sometimes GOD has to knock over the head for us to get the point. "IT'S TIME TO DO WHAT GOD HAS SAID DO!!!!" What will your response be to HIS call or HIS will for your life????

The WORD of the LORD

Posted by PROPHET Dereck K.Harrelson on February 2, 2014 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

LOOKING 4 a man with a BIBLICAL NAME who has a building that will be the establishment of a NEW CHURCH